Tom Brady Reacts Hilariously to Throwback Uniforms

Tom Brady Reacts Hilariously to Throwback Uniforms

Tom Brady must play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2023 in order to wear the vintage creamsicle uniforms, and it didn’t make him any happier to see his former team get throwback uniforms a year earlier.



Brady dropped a hilarious meme, stating “oh come on“, in reaction to the New England Patriots announcement of bringing back the “Pat Patriot” helmets and red jerseys.



Tom Brady Reacts Hilariously to Throwback Uniforms



He last wore those throwbacks with the Patriots in 2012 before the NFL did away with alternate helmets.

The Bucs creamsicle uniforms, featuring the “Bucco Bruce” logo and creamsicle orange jerseys, also disappeared after 2012 due to the NFL’s one-helmet rule.





Tampa Bay couldn’t get the uniforms back until 2023 “due to global supply chain challenges” in a statement from the team.

“This is the earliest that Nike can finish production of the orange uniforms,” the statement read.



Tom Brady Reacts Hilariously to Throwback Uniforms

Brady has at least lobbied on social media for the creamsicles to return. Whether or not he meant it seriously, he didn’t say.

Greg Auman of The Athletic clarified that Brady’s tweet can’t be taken as a serious chance for the creamsicles to return in 2022.

The Bucs won’t return the creamsicle uniforms until 2023, Auman wrote after confirming with the Bucs organization again.

Brady, 44, only has one year left on his contract with the Bucs. He could retire after the season or become a free agent in 2023. His future with the team remains up in the air beyond the 2022 season.

For the time being, fans will have to settle for seeing Brady in creamsicle — sort of — via a game of “Madden” or a graphic rendition.