3 Dream Trade Targets For The Green Bay Packers

3 Dream Trade Targets For The Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are entering what could be a rebuilding season in 2023. At the very least, it is a reset as the team embarks on a new era with Jordan Love as their starting quarterback.



While projecting how the team will do in 2023 is difficult, given the lack of track record up and down the roster, there is certainly some talent on the team.



3 Dream Trade Targets For The Green Bay Packers



The Packers could surprise some people if a few things break in their favor or the younger players are further along in their development than originally believed. Green Bay will be relying on a lot of youngsters, but some spots on the team could use some reinforcements. Who could the team look toward to fill those voids? Here are three dream trade targets for the Packers in 2023.

3. S Kevin Byard

Arguably the least settled position on the Packers is at safety. The team is hoping that Darnell Savage Jr. can regain his form from earlier in his career after getting benched in 2022.



Rudy Ford, who has been a backup for most of his career, is slated to start alongside him. Jonathan Owens and Tarvarius Moore were signed in free agency as added depth as well.



3 Dream Trade Targets For The Green Bay Packers



Counting on two players to emerge from this group could be asking a lot. In that case, the Packers should consider making a splash and acquiring an established star. Kevin Byard of the Tennessee Titans would suffice. There was some contention between Byard and the Titans earlier this offseason when they approached him about taking a pay cut.

He originally declined but acquiesced to help fit DeAndre Hopkins on the roster. His situation is one that will need to be revisited soon and it could lead to a change in scenery. Green Bay would be a great landing spot for him to bring the secondary together.

2. LB Devin White

Linebacker isn’t necessarily a position of need for the Packers. 2022 first-round pick Quay Walker had some highlights as a rookie and a healthy De’Vondre Campbell has proven he can play at an All-Pro level.

What the Packers need, however, is someone that can chase down the ball carriers sideline-to-sideline and get the job done against the run. The freakish athleticism of Devin White would certainly look good in green and gold.

3 Dream Trade Targets For The Green Bay Packers

Entering the final season of his rookie contract, White is expected to be the next linebacker to land a record-setting contract. His highs are very high, but we’ve seen that his lows can be quite low as well. Alas, given the skill set he possesses, he would provide the Packers with a star-level producer at every level of their defense.

1. WR Mike Evans

If there is one thing that could help elevate the Packers instantly, it is a bonafide No. 1 wide receiver. While the Packers WR room have a lot of talent, their lack of experience could be a detriment at times.

While that trio and Love could certainly grow into something special, having a safety net in place would help all of their developments.

3 Dream Trade Targets For The Green Bay Packers

Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be a perfect addition to this wide receiver room. There aren’t many players in the NFL as consistent as Evans, who has recorded 1,000+ yards in each of his nine seasons as a pro. He can win anywhere on the field with his size advantage and comes with championship experience.

His presence would take pressure off of the rest of the Packers’ pass catchers, allowing them to develop a little slower if need be. Right now, there isn’t a single wide receiver on the roster with more than one season of NFL experience.