Travis Kelce Leads An Impressive List Of Pass-Catchers

Travis Kelce says money is secondary to his Chiefs' legacy

With All-Pro wide receiver Tyreek Hill joining the Miami Dolphins, tight end Travis Kelce will be more involved in the Kansas City Chiefs offense.



Nevertheless while “Cheetah” was their most explosive option on offense, Kelce has been the most consistent, as pointed out by NFL on CBS.





The tweet above shows that Kelce has the most receiving yards (7,269) since 2016. That year also marked his first 1,000-yard receiving season (1,125) with four touchdowns.

He tops a list that features elite receivers Davante Adams (7,192), Julio Jones (7,129), DeAndre Hopkins (7,048), and Mike Evans (7,044).



Since then, Kelce’s lowest output was 1,038 yards in 2017, but he had eight touchdowns. What’s more impressive is that he has averaged double-digit yards per reception throughout his career.



Travis Kelce Leads An Impressive List Of Pass-Catchers.



He gained an average of 12.9 yards per catch during his rookie season and 12.2 in 2021. His highest total came in 2018, when he had 13 yards per catch.

Will Kelce Continue To Thrive Without Hill?

One or two defensive players must always keep an eye on Hill every time he is on the field. His speed allowed the Chiefs to turn things around instantly with a big play.

Likewise, he stretched the field, leaving Kelce often alone or left with a one-on-one matchup. Therefore, the tight end from Cincinnati benefitted from having his speedy teammate.

Travis Kelce Leads An Impressive List Of Pass-Catchers

But with Hill gone, Kelce will catch the attention of multiple defenders. Can he still collect the same numbers if everyone knows that the ball will go to him?

There’s no Hill anymore who can act as a decoy when the play is intended for Kelce. Patrick Mahomes‘ creativity and Eric Bieniemy’s genius will help them find ways to adjust the Chiefs’ offense.

In that case, Kelce might put more distance between him and the rest of that list.