Tom Brady Injured Himself And NFL Fans Mocked Him

Tom Brady Injured Himself And NFL Fans Mocked Him

Tom Brady is 44 years old. His NFL career has spanned multiple decades. He’s won seven Super Bowl titles. But he is a human being who bleeds just like the rest of us — even if the refs wouldn’t believe it.



Brady was called for the first unsportsmanlike conduct penalty of his career (!!!) during Sunday’s NFC Divisional round matchup with the Rams when a hit from Von Miller caught him on the mouth. Miller’s hit was initially to Brady’s chest, but his helmet did make some contact with Brady’s mouth, causing the cut.



Anyway, Brady wasn’t pleased. He showed the cut on his lip to the officials in an attempt to draw a roughing penalty. He got a penalty on himself instead.

Here’s the video





And here’s Brady going after the officials:





The hit did look clean, but we’ve seen that called roughing plenty of times — especially with some contact with the helmet up high.

But for NFL fans, the main takeaway seemed to be that Tom Brady can bleed! They had plenty of jokes for the moment.

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