Rodgers’ Contract Extension Puts Jordan Love’s Future On Indefinite Hold.

Rodger's Contract Extension Puts Jordan Love's Future On Indefinite Hold.

When Aaron Rodgers made the decision for some more years with the Green Bay Packers, it overjoyed fans. However, this also brought up some major uncertainty over Jordan Love.



He was the number 1 choice who would succeed Rodgers if he decides to move some place else. With looming uncertainty over Love’s situation, Packers GM adds some more fuel to the fire.





The quarterbacks made some major headlines in the 2021 offseason. Be it Deshaun Watson heading to Cleveland, Tom Brady’s un-retirement, or the Baker Mayfield conundrum. The fans have seen it all this year. While Aaron Rodgers promising to the Green Bay was the cherry on top, it came out with a set of uncertainty over QB Jordan Love.

GM Brian Gutekunst spoke to Mike Clemens of the Wisconsin Radio Network. He spoke about the Packers and Jordan Love. As of now, the Packers are currently stationed with Love, and Love is stuck in limbo in the Green Bay.

He mentions, “I think we’re excited about Jordan’s development. He’s going into his third year. He showed really good signs last year. I think his future is bright.



Rodger's Contract Extension Puts Jordan Love's Future On Indefinite Hold.



As far as what his future is with us, we’ll kind of see how that goes. Obviously, with what we’ve done with Aaron and how long Aaron wants to play, that will factor in down the road. But we’re not making any of those decisions right now.”

Brian Gutekunst has admitted publicly for the first time that he is concerned about Love’s years ahead. After Rodgers’ contract renewal, most Packers fans shouldn’t really be surprised. But now that these things are out in the open, will the Packers get enough value in the Jordan Love trade?

Will Jordan Love ever be the Starter?

The former Utah State QB patiently watched and waited for a spot in the rotation after being chosen during the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. From the looks of it, he’ll have to wait some more.

Though the Packers should at least take exchange demands on Jordan Love, if they decide to trade him. A few teams would be a good fit for him. Tennessee and New York Giants could introduce the 23-year-old quarterback for a better chance in the League.



Rodger's Contract Extension Puts Jordan Love's Future On Indefinite Hold.

It’s hard to speculate on Green Bay’s strategy for Jordan Love. The Packers have more than enough time to improve this one. On his rookie deal, he has 2 years and a fifth-year choice left. Although, without observing him in the line of work, it may be difficult for the organization to assess his value.