Packers Jaire Alexander’s Response to Coin Toss Issue Goes Viral After Suspension

Jaire Alexander of the Green Bay Packers was suspended for an incident that occurred prior to the team’s 33-30 victory over the Carolina Panthers. Alexander was banned for one game by Green Bay after he walked out for the pregame coin toss despite not being selected captain.



Alexander’s prior comments on the coin toss incident went viral after the punishment was issued on Wednesday. “It’s only suiting. I don’t think coach knew I was from Charlotte,” Alexander said, via Matt Schneidman of The Athletic.



Alexander was then asked if he made the decision to walk onto the field on his own. “The guys backed me up. They knew I was from here.” It was one thing for him to walk onto the field as a non-captain, but he almost botched up the coin toss decision. Alexander stated that the Packers intended to play defense and was later questioned about what transpired.



“I said I want our defense to be out there,” Alexander said. “They all looked at me like I was crazy. I mean, it’s pretty simple what I said. I want the defense to be out there.”

Alexander, 26, is one of the league’s top cornerbacks. Alexander has only played in six games in 2023 because to injuries, but he has made two Pro Bowl teams in his career.

The Packers will undoubtedly miss Alexander as they attempt to maintain their postseason ambitions. Given their present postseason hopes, Green Bay certainly would have liked not to ban Alexander, but the organization made a necessary decision in the end.



In Week 17, the Packers will travel to Minnesota to face the Vikings.