NFL World Reacts to Russell Wilson’s Recent Twitter Move

A trip to Russell Wilson’s Twitter page right now could be pretty revealing. His avatar and banner image are both family pictures with wife Ciara and their three children. His bio reads, “I want to Love like Jesus!” and his location is tagged as “Global.”



No image or bit of information mentions the only NFL franchise that Wilson has ever known: the Seahawks. Before the switch, his avatar was a photo of him in his Seattle uniform.



That is certainly notable given the months of speculation that the former Super Bowl winner could look to move on from the franchise after a disappointing 7–10 season in 2021.

The Twitter move may mean absolutely nothing. In December, ahead of the team’s final home game of the season, Wilson said that he hoped it wouldn’t be his last with the Seahawks.



However, if we’ve learned anything from the last few NFL off seasons, nothing is certain. Tom Brady left the Patriots for the Buccaneers, won a Super Bowl, and retired a year later, before hitting age 45.

Aaron Rodgers has spent two years playing cat-and-mouse with the Packers, and his future remains up in the air. At 33, Wilson could have another five good NFL seasons left,



based on increased longevity at the position, so naturally a little Twitter update has launched a wave of discussion around the NFL world.

“If you want to be out of Seattle just say it,” analyst Damien Woody said. “But he hasn’t, so I’m going to put him back in Seattle because ultimately I think that’s what’s going to happen.”



“Well obviously, this is 2022, so the only thing we can do is read into avatars,” reporter Kimberley A. Martin said. “On the heels of his agent or whoever giving Adam Schefter a list of teams he’d rather play for or he would be willing to play for,

there’s a lot of smoke about Russell Wilson wanting out. The thing is that people I’ve talked to around the league are not convinced he’s actually going to be moved.”

She mentioned the Commanders and Steelers as two teams that could be a quarterback like Wilson away from contending, and could be in position to make a move for the superstar signal caller.

Over on WFAN, during his show with Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney called Wilson’s situation “egotistically driven. ”Other outlets around the country have taken notice as well.

It should be noted that Wilson hasn’t undergone a complete Seahawks social media scrubbing. Over on Instagram, he’s still in full Seahawks attire in his avatar.

Whether it’s something or a whole lot of nothing, just weeks into the NFL offseason, a social media move like this is prime fodder, especially coming from one of the league’s most identifiable stars.