More clue about Buccaneers’ QB competition emerge

More clue about Buccaneers' QB competition emerge

Signs continue to point to free-agency pickup Baker Mayfield starting at quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over 2021 second-round draft pick Kyle Trask in September.



As shared by the JoeBucsFan website, Tampa Bay pass-rusher Joe Tryon-Shoyinka provided a list of traits he likes about Mayfield while speaking with reporters following practice.



More clue about Buccaneers' QB competition emerge



“His leadership,” Tryon-Shoyinka explained. “He has confidence. He walks with the confidence. The offense has been responding well to him. So it’s just been fun to watch.” Retired quarterback, brother of New Orleans Saints’ starter Derek Carr, David Carr recently noted the Buccaneers “love what Baker Mayfield brings.”

Offensive coordinator Dave Canales and senior advisor Bruce Arians previously praised Mayfield for his “swag” and “moxie” amid a supposed competition involving Trask, who has just nine regular-season passes on his pro résumé.



“He’s experienced,” Tryon-Shoyinka added about the No. 1 pick from the 2018 NFL Draft. “He knows what defenses are doing before the play.



More clue about Buccaneers' QB competition emerge



He has that experience so you can’t just fool him with a shell defense; he’ll throw it to the open spot every time. …Been pretty impressed so far.” While JoeBucsFan said that “Tryon-Shoyinka didn’t mention” Trask “and was not asked about him,” the website pointed out in a different piece that Arians acknowledged during an appearance on “The National Football Show” that Mayfield probably is leading a race that may already be just about finished.

“Baker has been there and done it, and has I think a little bit of an edge just because of that leadership and having been in the huddle with pro guys a lot,” Arians said.

“But the guys really respect Kyle also. I love [Baker]. I think he just brings a charisma and a fire to your offense.”

More clue about Buccaneers' QB competition emerge

David Carr said that “Trask is going to have to do something extraordinary” to win the job over Mayfield before the Week 1 game at the Minnesota Vikings on Sept. 10. With each day, it sounds more and more like that “something extraordinary” will have to include Mayfield falling on his face during training camp sessions and preseason contests.