Mike Florio On Tom Brady’s ‘One of A Kind’ NFL Longevity

Mike Florio On Tom Brady’s ‘One of A Kind’ NFL Longevity

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is far from an ordinary NFL player, and NFL Insider Mike Florio thinks he knows why.



The Pro Football Talk analyst was pitching his theories as to why the 7-time Super Bowl champion has been able to perform at the highest level for so long. Brady will be entering his 23rd season as an NFL player while dominating the competition in the mid-40s.





It is something that not every QB in the league has been able to accomplish in a long time. While talking about Brady’s longevity with former NFL athlete Chris Simms, Florio states, “No one has ever done this before. No one has played at this level so deep in their lives that they know what to do. And how do you balance family? When your family is maturing before your eyes and your career is still going. For most professional athletes you hit the natural ending point, and you never have to get into these issues. And he has found a way. He has found a balance.”

Florio jokes that Brady was able to quickly return from his short retirement of 4-5 weeks due to his wife, Gisele Bündchen’s help in bringing the balance back to his life. Though many fans and analysts admit they love seeing Brady on the field, he reveals that it can lead to overexposure. Despite that risk, Florio believes that his work and competitive fire were key to his long and successful NFL career.

Tom Brady is 1 of 1 in the NFL

Florio believes that his championship DNA and drive to succeed were essential in Brady, enjoying a longer stint. The Buccaneers QB was the main man during their tumultuous 2021 NFL campaign, and the offense blossomed under his control.



While the franchise had their struggles defensively and through injuries, Brady always kept them in with a chance whenever he played.



Mike Florio On Tom Brady’s ‘One of A Kind’ NFL Longevity



In 2021, Brady ended up recording a career-high 5,316 passing yards, resulting in 43 TD passes and 12 INTs. It was a clear indication for any of his doubters about how good he was in the supposed twilight of his NFL career. With the return of a fully fit roster, the Buccaneers have an enormous chance of winning Super Bowl LVII.

The fans will be glued to their seats during the upcoming NFL campaign to witness one of the legendary QBs at work. With some plans already in place, Brady might be playing in his final NFL season as a Buccaneer. It would be a dream scenario for him to go out on top as he has throughout his illustrious NFL career.


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