Joe Burrow’s quote that Bengals fans won’t like at all

Joe Burrow's quote that Bengals fans won't like at all

There’s an old Joe Burrow quote making the rounds this week that Cincinnati Bengals fans won’t like. Well, at least most Cincinnati fans won’t like it.



But it’s all in fun. And it’s not bad enough that Bengals fans are going to suddenly turn their back on the franchise’s savior.





Earlier this week, it was announced that Skyline Chili is now the official chili of the Bengals. Skyline Chili, of course, is synonymous with the city of Cincinnati. And it’s become a polarizing topic over the years. A couple of years ago, New York Mets play-by-play man Gary Cohen went on an epic rant against Skyline Chili that set the internet ablaze for a couple of days.

Burrow, who grew up in Ohio, is more in line with Cohen’s thinking. The former LSU star said during the predraft process in 2020 (during an appearance on Padon My Take) that Skyline Chili is “disgusting” and “not real chili”.



“Oh god. It’s disgusting, I hate it. I hate it,” said Burrow in the resurfaced clip. “Cincinnati’s gonna hate me but I hate that stuff. It’s not real chili it’s just sauce.”





I guess Bengals fans finally found Burrow’s big flaw. Though if he keeps leading the Bengals to AFC North division titles, I don’t think a single Cincinnati fan will care about Burrow’s chili opinions.