Does Aaron Rodgers Need Another Title For His Legacy?

Does Aaron Rodgers Need Another Title For His Legacy?

For Aaron Rodgers and his career with the Green Bay Packers, his accomplishments are many.



Does Aaron Rodgers Need Another Title For His Legacy?



He’s won the NFC North title eight times as the team’s starting quarterback and won one Super Bowl. He’s also won four MVP titles and was the Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl 45.



However, his legacy in the playoffs isn’t that great. While he’s dominated the NFC North over his career, teams in the playoffs knock Rodgers and the Packers out of contention.



Does Aaron Rodgers Need Another Title For His Legacy?



His record in the NFL playoffs is 11-10, keeping him with a winning record. But in the NFC Championship Game, Rodgers is a flop with a 1-4 record. With him failing in that championship game, does he need another title for his legacy in Green Bay?



Rodgers Needs A Title For His Legacy With Green Bay Fans

While he’s a hit with most Green Bay fans, he needs another title for his legacy to stay relevant after he retires.

With the clock ticking on his time in the NFL, he’s got to win another championship soon. However, it could be difficult for him to do this, at least in 2022.

The Packers team lost some talented players during the offseason, hurting their Super Bowl chances. But the Packers believe Rodgers can still take them to the playoffs, even without key players. While they believe in him, he’s shown they can’t rely on him in the playoffs in big games.

However, those failures didn’t convince Green Bay that Rodgers needs help. Winning a title would change the perception of him being a failure in the NFC Championship Game. It would also help him with something else, and with his legacy as well.

Bart Starr Is The Only Packers Quarterback With Two Super Bowl Wins

While Rodgers has set many records in Green Bay, there’s one he’s yet to accomplish. That feat is winning two Super Bowl titles.

Bart Starr is the only Packers quarterback to win two Super Bowls for Green Bay. If he wants to cement his legacy as a Packer, he needs that second title.

A failure to do this will hurt that legacy he’s building as a top-tier quarterback. Fans are fast to forget the excellent plays on the field if it doesn’t turn into championship titles. This could happen with Rodgers if that next title in Green Bay doesn’t come under his watch.

Rodgers Has A Future Hall Of Fame Legacy He Needs No More Titles For

With quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and Peyton Manning sending their teams to multiple Super Bowls, it hurts Rodgers to be a one-time Super Bowl guy.

So while he’s got MVP titles, Pro Bowl appearances, and great stats, he’s lacking the most important thing ever.

Does Aaron Rodgers Need Another Title For His Legacy?

That thing is having multiple Super Bowl titles, much like many other great NFL quarterbacks. However, as much as he needs another title for his legacy in Green Bay, he doesn’t need it for his Hall of Fame legacy. He’s already a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback, meaning he needs nothing else for that legacy.