Brady’s Fierce Rival CB Reveals How He Became an Admirer of the GOAT

Brady’s Fierce Rival CB Reveals How He Became an Admirer of the GOAT

Once archrivals, today best friends. The relationship between star quarterback Tom Brady and cornerback Richard Sherman is something one would look at.



On his recent appearance at The Richard Sherman Podcast, the cornerback asserted the greatness of Brady and his experience playing alongside him.





The long-standing beef between the duo now remains a sweet memory for both of them. In the podcast, he affirmed that it was an honor to share the field alongside the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

When asked to talk about Brady in the early stages and later part of his career, Sherman had a funny response.



“Well, what’s crazy is if I can talk about him early and him later like his career still hasn’t ended. Like good night! This man is an idiot like the grand ripper who continues to rip.” he said.





“….There’s something to be said about being his teammate and seeing him work every day. And to see how he treats the staff and the building and see how he treats his teammates, to see how he treats the people who can do nothing for him…He’s the guy who did everything he could to help us teammates, outstanding teammates, never big time, never too busy for anybody.” Sherman said while heaping praises for Brady’s humbleness.

“You know, he prepared his butt off you get on a plane after a game he’s already studying the table. The next team, he’s watching the game he just played. He’s preparing next week, for the next week and he’s doing everything he can in practice. He’s a perfectionist, he’s one of those teammates that’s once in a lifetime once in a generation,” the cornerback added throwing some light on Brady’s commitment to leading the team.

When and how did the beef between Tom Brady & Richard Sherman begin?

After getting drafted in the fifth round of the 2011 NFL draft, Sherman played a significant role in leading the Seattle Seahawks defense.

His bad blood with Brady kick-started in October 2012, just the second year of his selection. The Seattle Seahawks playing at their home, faced New England Patriots and Tom Brady was already a Super Bowl Champion Back then.

Brady’s Fierce Rival CB Reveals How He Became an Admirer of the GOAT

According to the cornerback, Brady trash-talked him and safety Earl Thomas. The rookie couldn’t hold back his emotions. He got his nerves to give a befitting reply saying: “We’re greater than you. We’re better than you. You’re just a man — we’re a team.”

Similarly, the game ended on a good note, with Russell Wilson throwing for the match-winning touchdown. The Seahawks won the game, and it was an exhilarating moment for young Sherman.

However, the rivalry culminated when the Patriots defeated the Seahawks in the Super Bowl XLIX. The Brady-led offense prevailed with a great margin, and Sherman accepted his defeat walking at him for a handshake.

Brady’s Fierce Rival CB Reveals How He Became an Admirer of the GOAT

The legend didn’t hold his grudge. He accepted the handshake telling Sherman, “You’re a great player.” The duo reunited for the 2021 season in the Tampa Bay wearing the same jerseys becoming great friends. He even recollected the “You mad, bro?” quote with a funny photoshopped image on Instagram. Indeed, everyone gets caught by the “Brady” aura once they connect with him.