3 biggest games on the Bills’ 2022 schedule

3 biggest games on the Bills' 2022 schedule

The Buffalo Bills will tell you each and every game in their 2022 schedule is important.



And that’s true. But let’s face it, some stick out like a sore thumb in terms of importance. With that, here are the Bills’ three biggest games in 2022:



Week 6: at Chiefs



The Bills and Chiefs feels like it’s officially the new Patriots vs. Colts–The premium same conference matchup between two teams not in the same division.



3 biggest games on the Bills' 2022 schedule



Think “measuring stick” game here for the Bills in 2022. Plus, with the way their last meeting was left off? Many will be anticipating this one.



Week 8: vs. Packers

The Packers are in the NFC, not the Bills’ conference. That will likely make this prime-time matchup a game billed as a “Super Bowl preview” contest.

3 biggest games on the Bills' 2022 schedule

Buffalo facing the Rams in Week 1 will be the same, but with this meeting against Green Bay taking place in the middle of the season, it’ll be a “bigger” game in the grand scheme of things. Much will change for everyone after Week 1.

Week 17: at Bengals

Another all about timing. As long as the Bengals are in the playoff hunt, which they should be after their Super Bowl run in 2021, this should be a huge game.

3 biggest games on the Bills' 2022 schedule

Something pegged as a “playoff tune up” for both sides. It also could decide a lot in terms of playoff seeding since it’s the second-to-last game of the year.