Tom Brady’s views on Rob Grokownski’s retirement.

Tom Brady's views on Rob Grokownski's retirement.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski have a special relationship that stretches back to their New England Patriots days.



Ever since 2010, the time Gronk got drafted by the Patriots, two have played on the same team. When Brady moved from the Patriots to the Buccaneers, the tight end followed suit, despite retiring from NFL earlier.



Tom Brady's views on Rob Grokownski's retirement.



While Gronk is no longer part of the Bucs’ set up in 2022 and doesn’t have a contract with the team, many expect him to return for the season. Although, no decision from him yet. Tom Brady mentioned his views on the matters in the aftermath of the Bucs’ minicamp.



Tom Brady Reveals Emotions For a Return With Rob Gronkowski



While speaking at the press conference following the Buccaneers’ mandatory minicamp, the GOAT talked about the team and his views on Rob Gronkowski’s return.



Brady himself had retired after the 2021 season but unretired after 40 days to play for another season, aiming for his eighth Super Bowl.

Tom Brady's views on Rob Grokownski's retirement.

While speaking about Gronk, the QB said, “We’d all love to play with him, but he’s got to make the best decision for himself, and he knows that.” Regarding his decision to retire, he said, “I think it’s just obviously totally up to him.”

It seems that Brady wants to play one last time with Gronk before retiring at the end of the 2022 season.

But he also feels that Gronk has his own say on the matter and currently is doing “what’s right for him, which is trying to figure it out.”

He said that the Bucs’ training camp didn’t start for the next six weeks, allowing the TE to make an informed choice regarding his future.

While the former Bucs’ TE is no longer contracted to the team, he has also not expressed an immediate desire to return to the NFL for the time being. However, he has also not completely ruled out returning to the setup.

The partnership between Gronk and the GOAT, Tom Brady

The duo’s 12-year friendship goes back to the days of them playing together for the Patriots, and they have won 4 Super Bowls together.

In TE’s rookie season, Brady threw to him 59 times, with Gronk scoring 20 times. They also built a habit of hugging as part of their touchdown celebrations.

Tom Brady's views on Rob Grokownski's retirement.

Gronk once said, “Over studying football together, getting together in the offseason, extra stuff during the season and you just want to build that up… and be the best chemistry possible that you can be.”

Everyone knows about the duo’s friendship in the NFL. Gronk also has a penchant for playing on the same team as Brady. For the 2022 season, it remains to be seen if the TE rejoins his old friend for his last season as a player to win one final Super Bowl.