‘Time to show it off’: Ronda Rousey reveals the development of her 6-month pregnancy

Former UFC champion and current WWE superstar Ronda Rousey on Wednesday said she is 6 months pregnant. Rousey, who married MMA fighter Travis Browne in 2017, took to YouTube to announce the development of the pregnancy.



“Pow! six months pregnant!” said Rousey.

Rousey ushered in the mainstream popularity of women’s MMA by becoming the UFC’s first female champion.





After years of dominance, she retired from MMA following a string of losses. She later took up pro wrestling, competing sporadically in the WWE.

“Thank you everybody for all the well-wishes and all the positivity to get us to this point and we’re really excited for you to meet (name hidden) just like we are,”



Rousey said in her YouTube video. “Baddest baby on the planet, coming to you soon. September 22.”