See Buffalo Bills’ ‘breakout’ Player In 2022.

See Buffalo Bills' 'breakout' Player In 2022.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabriel Davis is teetering on the fence of breaking out and already there. We’ll still allow it, CBS Sports.



The outlet named six NFL players that are considered “breakout candidates” for the 2022 NFL season. Davis appears.



See Buffalo Bills' 'breakout' Player In 2022.



Whichever you consider Davis, broken out already or poised to do so next year, it all comes down to that playoff game. That effort against the Chiefs in the postseason set a NFL record.

That’s beyond impressive, something many, including Hall of Famers, haven’t done. But where Davis needs to improve is his regular season play. However, there’s reason to believe that’s en route.



Over the first two years of his career it’s hard to argue Davis has put up big-time numbers during the season.



See Buffalo Bills' 'breakout' Player In 2022.



But in both of those years he was buried down the depth chart until he was given late-season snaps after injury struck. Now there’s no one ahead of him on the roster aside from Stefon Diggs. Davis is going to get those starting snaps for the Bills from Day 1 in 2022 and it should cause his numbers to skyrocket.