Ja’Marr Chase’s cryptic tweets have Bengals, NFL fans searching for answers

Ja’Marr Chase’s cryptic tweets have Bengals, NFL fans searching for answers

Ja’Marr Chase was taken by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2021 with the fifth pick in the NFL Draft. Since then Chase has had quite an eventful career, teaming with Joe Burrow to lead the team to 2022’s Super Bowl LVII. An improved Bengals offensive line has only raised expectations for the upcoming season.

Recently, Chase’s father Jimmy revealed his true feelings on Cincinnati’s decision to select his son. Now, Ja’Marr Chase sounded off on allegations of being “bashed” and how it pertains to a mystery relationship that has fans searching for answers.



He revealed as much in a cryptic tweet on Tuesday evening, writing: “how you going bash me and i’m the best thing that happened for you.”

Ja’Marr Chase’s cryptic tweets have Bengals, NFL fans searching for answers

Speculation ran rampant on who Chase may have been referring to after the tweet was published. The tweet had been seen over 100,000 times shortly after it was released.



“That woman should be grateful,” one fan wrote in response to the cryptic tweet. “You don’t need her bae,” another fan responded.

“Who the (heck) is bashing you?? We need names!!” a third commenter wrote.

Some fans took Chase to task for posting the cryptic message, calling him out.



“Bro stop doing this haha. Turning into Kyrie Irving,” they said. Still another wrote a detailed message in support of whatever Chase appears to be going through.

“Bro don’t worry about these haters, we know you the best WR in the game,” the fan, named Gary, said. “With you and Burrow y’all will have a ring in the next couple years. You’ve been close the last 2 and if not for the bad calls you might already have one. But they build better around you guys each year.”

Chase followed the tweet up with another cryptic post, calling into question the state of the world, as well as a more positive but equally cryptic tweet right afterward.



Last week, Chase spoke about the chemistry he has been developing with Burrow in minicamp.

“I’m trying to be creative on routes because you already have the timing. That’s what I’m trying to do now. Be a lot more creative in my routes,” Chase said, via Bengals.com. “Now that I know the timing and how long I need to take. That’s what being creative is about. Not just being one-dimensional on a piece-of-paper route. You don’t want that.”



The Bengals begin their 2023 season on September 10 against the Cleveland Browns. The team is expecting help from a talented group of rookies as they seek a return trip to the Super Bowl this season.


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