Chiefs TE Travis Kelce reveals plans on NFL Future

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce reveals plans on NFL Future

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end gave everyone an idea of how long he will be playing. Travis Kelce is currently 33 years old and will be roughly 36 by the time his current contract is up with the Chiefs.



Even at his age, he is still the best tight end in the league, and the second-best isn’t even close. He is showing no signs of slowing down.



Chiefs TE Travis Kelce reveals plans on NFL Future



But, he will eventually, because father time is a thing, especially in the most violent team sport you can play. So, how long does he plan on playing? “Until the wheels fall off, baby,” Kelce told reporters on Thursday. “I love this game, man. I know I’m going to miss it when I’m done playing.

I hear you on that, and that’s a business decision I’m sure I’ll have to make at some point in my life, but for right now, I’m in this building wanting to win football games, man.”



That is the most Kelce response to any question I have ever heard. While, yes, he is more of a jokester than anyone on the team, he is being completely serious.



Chiefs TE Travis Kelce reveals plans on NFL Future



Kelce is a guy that loves the game, and I could see him repping that red and gold until he can’t play anymore. Playing the tight end position is hard, and it’s a physical position for a guy who was banged up a bit in college and has seemingly been extremely durable in the NFL.

He is the most reliable tight end of all time and will soon be the consensus GOAT tight end. “I can’t watch myself on film without just absolutely telling myself that I suck 90% of the time,” Kelce laughed.

“There are times when, you know, it’s fun, and you make a play, or you get open, and you make a good route, or you make a good block. But at the same time, you have to be your own worst critic.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce reveals plans on NFL Future

You can’t sit there at the time that you have success. “There’s always chances where you can just keep getting better and getting better; that’s just kind of the mentality I always had in my athletic career.” Even if he does plan on playing after the contract the Chiefs currently have him on, he would still be a serviceable tight end, in my opinion.

He is already a leader and a mentor in his room, so there’s no telling what role he would play later in his career too. I know Chiefs fans aren’t ready for the wheels to fall off anytime soon.


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