Why did rumours of Lewis Hamilton dating Camila Kendra arise?

Camila Kendra raised speculations earlier this month after she posted pictures on her Instagram handle, where she appeared to be at Lewis Hamilton’s house. Kendra was seen wearing a flannel shirt, a shirt that Hamilton was once photographed in. However, reports suggest that the shirt belonged to Tyler Cameron and that the photos were taken when he and Kendra were dating and spending time at Hamilton’s house. Kendra’s source further clarified that “she was not staying alone with Lewis at his house.”





Lewis Hamilton’s previous relationships
While Lewis Hamilton is well known for dating Nicole Scherzinger for eight years before splitting up in 2015, he has also dated several other women. The list of women includes models Barbara Palvin, Winnie Harlow and Kendall Jenner, and singers Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Rita Ora.





The seven-time Drivers’ Champion has also reportedly dated socialite Sofia Richie. Meanwhile, reports suggest that Russian model Viktoria Odintcova claimed in July 2020 that she had a romantic relationship with Hamilton shortly after he broke up with his long-term girlfriend.