WATCH: Michael Jordan vs Michael Jordan Battle in Rare 2003 Gatorade Commercial

Most recently, the basketball world was entertained by the NBA-75 and Christmas advertisements. But in the past, there have been numerous iconic commercials featuring NBA legends. Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is one of them.



On multiple occasions, the 14-time All-star has featured in ads that have lived on in fans’ minds. Today, we look at a Gatorade commercial from way back in 2003.



A near perfect player in his day, Michael Jordan inspired millions of young stars in the making. With six titles to his name, he is a certified NBA veteran. If you were to ask the game’s biggest buffs to list their biggest icon of the 90s, Jordan’s name would probably pop up the most. The perfect rags to riches story, MJ took the league by storm during his younger days. In no time, he became a global celebrity, earning the big bucks and big endorsements.





After his retirement, ‘His Airness’ has taken up an active role as a businessman. There’s no denying that Michael knows his way around money, which is why he has been so successful. In a major throwback however, let’s look at one of Jordan’s hit commercials from way back in 2003. Starring for popular energy drink Gatorade, the former player was seen in a new avatar.



In the clip, a young Jordan is seen challenging the older version of himself on court. And while the younger MJ gets off to a flyer, the more experienced one shows his class at the end. The video left fans in a frenzy, with many commenting that it is one of the greatest commercials in the history of sport. In the end, both versions of Jordan are seen drinking Gatorade, only to receive a guest in the form of North Carolina’s version of Michael. Here’s the exclusive ad.


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