WATCH: Lewis Hamilton Reminiscing About the ‘Good Times’ With Ex-Girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger were a couple in the early part of the Brit’s career. They dated from 2008 to 2015 and were very supportive of each other’s careers. Nicole was often spotted cheering for Hamilton during the races.



She was also present when Lewis won his first and second world championships in 2008 and 2014, respectively. The two decided to go their separate ways in 2015 in a decision that shocked everyone.



In a throwback video from 2017, we can see Hamilton grooving to a song and mentioning that the song reminded him of Nicole.” Nicole used to sing this to me. Such a beautiful song. Good times,” said Hamilton in the caption.

As reported by Express. co. UK, Hamilton, and Scherzinger broke up in mid-2015 after being in a relationship for seven years.



Hamilton stated that it was their busy schedules that led to the end of their romance. Nicole was one of the judges on X-Factor UK while also balancing her singing career.

On the other hand, Hamilton was fighting for race wins and world championships in Formula One and traveling all around the world. “It’s similar to most sportsmen and women.



It may be slightly different in that we are traveling as much as we are, and you are just away for crazy amounts of time,” said Hamilton.

“So that’s probably an additional weight that makes it really, really tough to hold down a good relationship, and if things aren’t quite perfect.



In general, for athletes, having the right mindset and trying to find the right balance of how dedicated you are as opposed to resting back and enjoying your quality time, it’s different for everyone.” concluded the 7-time world champion.

Although Hamilton and Scherzinger are not together anymore, it is nice to see that they parted on good terms and do not have any animosity towards each other.


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