Vanessa Bryant’s New Tattoo Honors Late Daughter — Plus Other Tattoo’s She’s Gotten Since Kobe’s Death

Tattoos can carry many meanings. Sometimes, they’re a way to remember a shared experience and feel a permanent connection to a group of people who shared a moment of your life. Sometimes, they’re a way to show off our love for a significant other.



A new tattoo honors Vanessa Bryant’s daughter

Vanessa Bryant has gotten a new tattoo to help honor her daughter’s memory. The word “Mambacita” — a nickname for Gianna Bryant — is inked across the outside of Vanessa Bryant’s wrist in a pretty script with a heart over the “i” and a butterfly at the end of the upturned final “a.”





This is not the only ink Vanessa Bryant has gotten to honor her family and the memory of the members she has lost. Shortly after the accident, Vanessa Bryant got the names of Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, and her other three daughters tattooed on the outside of her foot.

Plenty of other people who were close to Kobe Bryant are also sporting permanent reminders of the man they lost. Former teammate LeBron James got a tat in Kobe Bryant’s honor as did family friend Snoop Dogg.





Kobe Bryant’s sister Sharia Washington got a shoulder tattoo of an infinity symbol that incorporated both Kobe Bryant’s and Gianna Bryant’s jersey numbers into the design.

While the loss of that accident weighs heavily more than a year later, it’s clear that the memory of Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant live on.