Vanessa Bryant Share “Legend Kobe Bryant” Dog That Said Much About His Personality

After the devastating news of Kobe Bryant’s passing away, the world mourns over his death along with his daughter’s. So, it is worth remembering Kobe Bryant’s heart-warming situations and interactions with those around him One of those heart-felt situations happened in 2016 where the Los Angelos Lakers had a game against the Denver Nuggets.



Because of his sore arm, Kobe sat on the bench the entire second half of the game. As he sat on the bench, he struck a deal with some of his fans where he asked them if they can guess the name of his dog. If they guessed the name right, they get the sneakers that he is wearing. They wanted to know the name so he told them that the name was in the Harry Potter series.





It didn’t matter how many times they tried to guess his dog name as long as they got it right in the end and they got it. Here is the video of Kobe Bryant autographing his sneakers and giving it to his fans. So what was the name of his dog? It was Crucio which was one of the deadly curses in the Harry Potter Series. However, even though, the name has a very sinister origin, the dog is really adorable and cute.



Here is a picture of this lovely dog:


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