Vanessa and Natalia Bryant Rep Gucci at the ‘House of Gucci’ Film Premiere in Los Angeles

The “House of Gucci” film is one the masses are talking about, and for its star-studded premiere in Los Angeles on Nov. 18, Vanessa and Natalia Bryant showed up dressed to the nines in the label. The mother-daughter duo wore two very different looks, with Vanessa Bryant opting to wear a more elegant fur-laden look, and her daughter with a more casual ensemble.





Natalia Bryant wore a sweater adorned with bees and various wild cats. The hem, as well as the neckline and sleeves, were decorated with a fun striped pattern. On bottom she wore a metallic pleated skirt, giving the look a youthful vibrancy. Natalia Bryant accessorized with a simple pink chain bag slung over her shoulder.



Her mother aimed for something more sophisticated, selecting a long, brown fur jacket, embellished all over with a silver Gucci logo. Vanessa Bryant wore a tan shift dress beneath her furs, rocking browns, and beiges. She chose to accessories with a classic bamboo handle Gucci bag in a creme, off-white color.



Natalia Diamante Bryant and Vanessa Bryant

Natalia Bryant wore combat boots with pink laces that were vaguely reminiscent of the ever-popular Prada Monolith boots. Her outfit, with the help of head-to-toe Gucci, was vibrant and playful, as most Gucci pieces are, creating a look that was ultimately fun and colorful.

Her mother on the other hand, kept a similar color story. In doing so, she went for a neutral pallet, ultimately going for a light gray pair of seemingly knee-high booties by Le Silla. Both outfits captured the spirit of Gucci in different manners, showcasing the diversity in audience appeal and merchandise of their product range.