Travis Kelce provides his version of the 13-second drive.

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The legend of the Kansas City Chiefs’ dramatic comeback victory in last season’s divisional-round continues to grow.



The story has been told from various sources that either played in the game or were close enough to talk about it.



Travis Kelce provides his version of the 13-second drive.



The latest version of the drive comes from Chiefs’ all-pro tight end Travis Kelce, who helped orchestrate the drive. Kelce was a guest on a special alternate ESPN broadcast of the PGA Championship and spoke about the moment with Michael Collins and Joe Buck during the show.

The former Cincinnati Bearcat didn’t hold back, providing his own color commentary on the events that transpired.



“But the 13 seconds, I remember the Bills called a timeout. I’m looking at (Patrick Mahomes). I’m just trying to be as discreet as possible to tell him, ‘Hey, if they play it like that, I’m wide open,’” said Kelce.



Travis Kelce provides his version of the 13-second drive.



“We get up to the line of scrimmage, and Pat (Mahomes) is yelling at me to do it. I’m just sitting there looking at him like, ‘Shhh, quiet! You are telling the whole stadium right now that you’re throwing me the ball. Let’s just keep our composure. I’m gonna do it, I gotcha.’”

The funny reaction to Kelce calling out his quarterback’s lack of tact in a key moment of the game was another great wrinkle to the story for Chiefs fans.

He made sure to praise Mahomes’ ability to make the play happen, in spite of telling the entire defense what was coming.

“He was right on the money with it,” said Kelce “We were, we were making up stuff on the fly. And it was just— that’s what’s fun, man, is being able to play with the guy like (Patrick Mahomes) and just you know make it happen on the run, and just be great.”

Kelce, similarly to his teammates and head coach, has kept busy during the offseason with training, charitable work and TV appearances. The Chiefs will hope to add more great memories like the 13-second drive in the playoffs during the upcoming season.