Top 7 Hottest Ronda Rousey Pictures

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey is a total badass in and out of the ring. The 33-year-old athlete became the first woman to win the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship in 2013, and ever since then, Ronda has been taking the mixed martial arts world by storm, breaking barriers for women everywhere.



In addition to getting down in the ring, Ronda has also dabbled in modeling; in 2016, she was featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue wearing nothing but body paint. Today, we’re celebrating Ronda by taking a look at her sexiest moments.





The picture in which she’s in bed with boxing gloves on covering her breasts is incredibly seductive. This one as well as many others is hard not to blink. Plus, the jeans look great on her. If you want an eye opener then you’ll like this one. You’re not sure what she’s trying to endorse here, but there’s no doubt that Rousey knows how to evoke a reaction out of anybody. She has a great smile, but probably has an even better gaze, as shown here.

The picture where she’s holding onto the window cloth wearing nothing, but an unbuttoned shirt and black underwear and high heels is for sure a jaw dropper. There are other pictures of her from this shoot where she’s standing dead center in front of the camera, yet there’s something about her being slightly behind the curtain that increases th appeal. She looks so good in that photo that it’s almost impossible not to drool.

The frontal view of colorful background is more than bright, but her covering her breasts with her hands makes it so much better. Her hands wrapped up in pink with the words “Bult to Fight” shows exactly why she is with her bones sticking out. The ESPN Body Issue is meant to showcase the works of art that athletes’ bodies are and Rousey really began to gain fame after this issue came out.

In this picture, she and another male model, are shown topless in the living room, but this is all you really have to see. The jeans they’re wearing are absolutely cringe worthy as well as her covering her breasts. Rousey has proven to be a very talented model, able to work a camera by herself, but also showing her playful side when working with someone else. We can expect many more of these types of shoots in the future.

In this picture, she also has her hair up in a bun and is wearing a bikini, but showing her yoga balance on one foot. It shows every bit of muscle people want to see from her. It’s quite obvious that her ability to stretch is there hanging both her arms and leg out in the air. This picture shows the athleticism of Rousey, yet also displays her ability to look graceful whenever she feels like it. It sure isn’t a bad sight on a beach.

In this picture, the top half is more appealing the bottom. Lying down on sand, the top half of her bikini is shaped similar to a hairnet giving more appeal to her breasts. One things for sure, it’s not hard to get caught looking. Rousey has many appealing pictures from her Sports Illustrated photo shoots. It’s hard to pick the most appealing one, so it’s best to flip through as many as possible.


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