Tom Brady Took A Big Step Towards Super Bowl This Offseason

TTom Brady criticizes today’s NFL

Don’t let Tom Brady’s age fool you, believe it or not, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is getting healthier at this stage in his NFL career.



During the 2021 offseason, Brady underwent a clean-up procedure on his knee. As a result, his training program had to be adjusted.





Fast forward a year later, and he now feels as if he can return to his normal training program. Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Brady revealed that his knee feels so much better that he’s now doing single-leg jumps again.

“I haven’t done a single-leg jump in I don’t know how many years,” Brady said, via Greg Auman of The Athletic. That isn’t the case for Brady this year.



He told reporters on Wednesday that he has been able to train “more normally” this offseason because his knee injury has improved.





If Brady truly feels stronger this offseason, that could lead to him having another All-Pro season. “Brady could have his best year yet,” one fan tweeted.

Perhaps we’ll see more scrambles from Brady this year since his knee is feeling better.