Tom Brady Threatens to Take Legal Actions Against AI Joke

Tom Brady Impresses NFL Rookies With His Latest Public Appearance

Tom Brady has been an influential figure in the world of the NFL. He has had an immense impact on the field as well as off the field.



In the duration of his 22-year-long career, he has been a part of multiple controversies, both related to football as well as away from the sport.



Tom Brady Threatens to Take Legal Actions Against AI Joke



While multiple sources have gone on to report these happenings with their own bias, a recent occurrence showcased them in a new light altogether. Recently, an AI bot was programmed to showcase an hour-long comedy session about the QB’s life. Interestingly, this AI bot showcased the quarterback’s life using Brady’s own voice.



The video caught a lot of attention from fans all over the Internet. Furthermore, as this became popular, Brady himself made some shocking moves against this video and its creators.

Tom Brady hurt with comedic discourse over his life

Two comedians, Will Sasso, and Chad Kultgen used artificial intelligence and produced an hour-long comedy special about Brady. The interesting bit is that the duo used Brady’s voice to enact the whole special.



So, essentially, it came off as Brady himself speaking about moments in his life in a hilarious manner. As this clip went viral, the quarterback caught a whiff of it. He seemed to be upset with its content.



Tom Brady Threatens to Take Legal Actions Against AI Joke

As per Fox News, Brady threatened legal action against the comedians. He also sent a cease and desist notice to them. Notably, the podcast did touch upon some interesting topics. The comedian’s work made it very clear that the AI Brady was mocking the ex-QB using controversial incidents in his life as joking points in the special.

The AI comic that mocked Brady

The actual special included the AI speaking about incidents like Deflategate and his highly publicized divorce. In the podcast, the AI mentioned his recent single status.

The AI said, “Anybody on the apps right now? I’m recently single and thinking about getting on them, but here’s the problem. I’ve never been on them, I don’t really know what I’m doing. Someone sent me a message on Bumble.”

“You look just like Tom Brady,’ and I said, ‘I am Tom Brady.’ She said, ‘Prove it,’ so I went to her house and let a little air out of all of her footballs.” The AI referenced both of Brady’s most controversial incidents, his divorce as well as the infamous Deflategate in quips.

The kind of content the AI spoke about made it absolutely clear why Brady filed a cease-and-desist against the comedians. However, the Court of public opinion is yet to pass its judgments. It only remains to be seen what kind of reactions this video will garner from the public, especially after Brady’s response to it.