Tom Brady Teases Return Talks With Jets Rivals

Tom Brady Teases Return Talks With Jets Rivals

There is no doubt that NFL misses its golden boy, Tom Brady. He shocked the world earlier this year as he announced his retirement after an early demise to his Super Bowl hopes.



Furthermore, most people expected Brady to make a return like last time. However, even after the infamous 40-day mark, the quarterback stayed retired and the NFL seemingly moved on.



Tom Brady Teases Return Talks With Jets Rivals



After Brady, one of the oldest veterans remaining in the league is Aaron Rodgers. With Brady gone, all the attention was on Rodgers and his trade deal with the New York Jets. With his trade deal taking its own twists and turns, everyone expects him to be playing in New York in the upcoming season.



However, some shocking new information has risen with the possibility of Brady facing off against Rodgers. While the California Cool had seemingly given up the ol’ pigskin, Brady seems to be enigmatic as usual. A video of him speaking about returning to the NFL went absolutely viral on Twitter as trusty NFL Insider, Dov Kleiman went on to share the viral video.

Is Tom Brady going to be an obstacle for Rodgers next season?

While everyone thought the NFL was going to be a Brady-free zone, the quarterback might just prove them wrong. While on a public interview in Miami, Brady hinted at the possibility of him returning to the league.



Furthermore, he cryptically mentioned how he did have friends playing for Miami Dolphins at that moment.



Interestingly, if Brady did end up making a return to the league and going to Miami Dolphins he would be in the perfect position to become Rodgers’ rival. If he ends up heading to the Dolphins, he will be in the same conference as the Jets.

The two AFC East teams have a history of rivalry and Brady going to the Dolphins would give the Jets a tough challenge. The presence of Rodgers would accentuate that rivalry and make it a try clash of titans. However, as this speculation went on to set fire to the Internet, NFL fans stampeded Twitter with a largely conflicting reaction.

Fans conflicted in the middle of Brady’s possible return

NFL fans had some mixed emotions when it came to the speculation of Brady returning to the league. One fan went on to mention the possibility of two of the oldest QBs playing against each other.

All in all, fans displayed a mixture of emotions ranging from humor to being fed up with the rumor mill circulations. Furthermore, fans were also shocked at the number of times Brady has made statements about coming back to the league.