Singer Monica Opens up About Her Friendship With Vanessa Bryant and Shares How Vanessa Is Coping With the Deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Millions are in awe of Vanessa Bryant’s strength as she smiles through the grieving process of her late husband Kobe Bryant, and their daughter Gianna. Thankfully, Vanessa has dozens of close family and friends around to help her through difficult times. Vanessa’s longtime friend, R&B singer Monica, reveals in a new interview how she’s supporting Vanessa in the wake of her loss.



Monica and Vanessa Bryant’s friendship
Vanessa and Monica met as wives of NBA players. Monica’s ex-husband, Shannon Brown, and Kobe both played on the Lakers together. Shannon credits Kobe with taking him under his wing, relishing in Kobe calling him his “little brother.” Having superstar athlete husbands, Vanessa and Monica grew close as they shared similar experiences.





Monica says the two friends have supported each other through difficult times. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, she recalls Vanessa being there during her split from Shannon. “I have been really fortunate to have her in my corner through my divorce, through everything that has ever happened in my life,” she says. “She is always there. One of my worst birthdays, that was the first person to shut down a restaurant and say, ‘This is what we are doing!’”



Monica says Vanessa Bryant is remaining strong for her family, says Bryant’s grieving process will be a long road
The world is admiring Vanessa’s strength following the devastating deaths of Kobe and her Gianna and Monica is no different. She tells ET that Vanessa is the epitome of what it means to be strong, explaining that a typically private Vanessa is grieving publicly and allowing his fans to grieve with her. Still, losing her husband has not been easy for Vanessa.



“I always say ’till death do us part because this is something that will forever be a pain,” she says. “But she’s been a strong one. She’s been really strong. I’m really proud of her.” Monica says that through it all, the world needs to realize that Vanessa is dealing with a double blow, losing both her husband and child. As a friend, Monica does her best to be there for Vanessa but also give her space when needed.

“Whatever she is feeling each day is something we will never understand, that level of pain, that level of heartache, also respecting her privacy,” she explains. “People have been reaching out for a very long time, but she’s always been a private person…As a mom, I have never seen the pain of losing a child. We try to keep her covered. She has an amazing village.”