Why Kim Kardashian’s Mother Wanted Her Daughter Kendall Jenner to Date Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is arguably the most popular driver in Formula One’s history. He is not only known for his on-track achievements and accolades in the sport, but also for his off-track appearances. Hamilton is a big name in the world of fashion across the world.





He has appeared in many iconic fashion events and graced the red carpet. He has many famous admirers in the world of entertainment. A while back, TV star Kris Jenner stated she would like Kendall, her daughter, to date the Mercedes driver.



As reported by Mirror, the American TV Personality and the 7-time world champion had become friends after hanging out in common social circles. Kris had taken a liking to the personality of the Brit and wanted her daughter Kendall to date him. According to sources, an insider revealed, “She really wants Kendall to date him. Lewis and Kris have become friendly in recent months and she thinks he’s perfect for her daughter.” Since Hamilton is a world-famous athlete, the insider mentioned it would also benefit Kendall Jenner. “She really enjoyed being in Monaco with Lewis, who personally invited her. And of course, any relationship would be a profile boost for her.” Kendall was also spotted in a couple of races supporting Hamilton from Mercedes’ garage. But the two stars did not really end up together as Kris had hoped. Kendall is in a relationship with basketball star Devin Booker while Lewis Hamilton is reportedly still single.



It is not surprising to see Lewis Hamilton becoming involved with someone famous. He had previously been in a relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger from 2008 to 2015. She was a constant figure in the F1 paddock as well and was a great support to the 7-time world champion.


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