See Tom Brady’s Personal Favorite Mentor in His 22-Years of Dominance

See Tom Brady's Personal Favorite Mentor in His 22-Years of Dominance

Tom Brady is truly the greatest quarterback of all time. There lands no question about his credibility and dominance despite being in the game for 22 years.



To get a terrific guy like Tom, one needs to have the eyes to scout diamond out of coal. Even TB12 appreciates him and name drops as his special favorite.





If there is one quarterback that fans should remember for the rest of their lives, it is Tom Brady. He is someone who changed the game and cemented his dominance in the NFL. He broke his way alongside the New England Patriots and continues his reign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady took part in a roundtable discussion with TNT’s Ernie Johnson following “The Match” golf tournament. He discusses his enthusiasm for the sport and his post-career aspirations as ‘TV Tom.’



In the midst of it all, TB12 reveals his favorite NFL mentor, which may surprise many. Tom Brady disclosed New England Patriots’ HC, Bill Belichick, as his choice and made it clear how he felt about him.





Brady told Belichick is the “most amazing coach.” He mentions, “[Talking to] different coaches. I was around the most amazing coach, in Coach Belichick, the most amazing coaches over a period of time. I played with Hall of Famers, Randy Moss to Ty Law to Richard Seymour. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge.”

Since Tom Brady’s separation from New England, many have theorized about his innermost feelings for Bill Belichick. Although, Tom Brady has only said good things regarding his former head coach.

How enchanting was Tom Brady-Bill Belichick’s era?

The 2001-2019 dynasty was something incredibly mesmerizing for Foxborough fanatics. Brady and Belichick are the players and coaches duo with the most Super Bowl appearances and triumphs.

Brady keeps the quarterback records for 264 career wins, 230 regular-season wins, and 34 postseason wins.

Belichick further maintains the archives for most postseason prevails by a head coach (31) and Super Bowl stints by a participant (11). Tom Brady brought the Patriots into prominence, making their Super Bowl tally towards 6. The highest any franchise has achieved.

However, as all good things have an end, TB12 jumped ships towards Tampa Bay after the 2019 season. Last season, Brady and Belichick encountered, with the Buccaneers defeating the Patriots in a regular-season doubleheader. Furthermore, it would really be a fascinating moment if we get a Bucs vs. Pats Super Bowl in the upcoming season.


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