Revealed: Reasons Why Klay Thompson Goes Against the Michael Jordan Formula Claiming No one Succeeds Alone: “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”

It was a day to remember in the NBA as Klay Thompson made his season debut for the Golden State Warriors. he re announced himself with a bang and has not missed a beat. Despite not playing his normal quota, Klay made an impact in the win. When he spoke about his road to returning, Klay surprisingly went against a Michael Jordan theory. Klay has struggled for the past two seasons dealing with back to back ACL injuries.



After the 2019 NBA finals, Thompson made a complete recovery and was set to return to action. However, another injury in practice delayed the moment. But now that he is back, Klay believes being tough was the reason he got through, which goes against Jordan’s theory.





Klay Thompson goes against Michael Jordan? It was an emotional return as all the suffering and pain had finally paid off for the sharpshooter. However, when it came his path of return, he had to stay strong. While he had great help, his strength is what got him through the recovery process. He spoke about dealing with the tough times and went against the theory of Michael Jordan where no one succeeds alone.



For Klay, that was the formula that helped him in dealing with the hardships of his return. And he does have a point. If Klay didn’t have a strong belief, there is no way he could deal with back to back injuries to the ACL. An ACL injury can seriously hamper one’s career and Klay stayed strong through two in a short span. Surely having the right people around only boosted his confidence. However, a strong will was the key to his return and Klay displayed in the best way.



Now, after 941 days out of the basketball floor, Klay Thompson was able to get back like he never left. He scored 17 points while playing just 20 minutes in the game. He did great on the defensive end and is already becoming a problem for other teams. Do you think we will see Klay at the All-Star game this season? Let us know in the comments below.