Ravens Corner Back roasted after Titanic realization

Ravens Corner Back roasted after Titanic realization

It’s one of the more well-known tragedies in history, yet somehow Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey believed it was a work of fiction this entire time.





After tweeting on Friday morning that he had just discovered that the Titanic was, in fact, a real ship which really sunk, three-time Pro Bowl CB Humphrey was roasted accordingly on social media for his mental gaffe.

It was mostly fans poking fun at Humphrey, but Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons just couldn’t help but add his own post to the fray.





The Ravens social media team even joined in, shedding light on the fact this is not the first time Humphrey has tweeted something laughably bizarre.



In addition to his Titanic admission, Humphrey also tweeted he believed that the movie ‘Rocky’ was based on a true story. His logic? There is a Rocky Balboa statue located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “That’s wild thing to do for a not real person,” Humphrey reasoned.



Though the “Rocky” movie franchise was not based on a true story per se, Sylvester Stallone drew inspiration for the role from real-life boxer Chuck Wepner, who had a 35-14-2 career record and at age 35 earned a title fight against Muhammad Ali in 1975. He lost via TKO in the 15th round.

So, Humphrey could be given a pass on that one.