Peyton Manning Sends Emotional Message for Patrick Mahomes

Peyton Manning Sends Emotional Message for Patrick Mahomes

Peyton Manning left a lasting legacy on the football world during his time in the NFL. But as it happens with every milestone, he knows it will be surpassed one day.



And he has identified reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes to do it. Both of these QBs are one of the best to ever play in the NFL and the cordial relationship between them is heartwarming.



Peyton Manning Sends Emotional Message for Patrick Mahomes



The two-time Super Bowl champion penned an emotional note for the QB who won a rare honor. Mahomes has established himself as one of the best QBs in the NFL over the last few years. He led the Kansas City Chiefs to an era of dominance in the league. And Manning has pointed out one quality that young people watching Mahomes should emulate.

Peyton Manning’s high praise

Peyton Manning praised Patrick Mahomes through an emotional note. The legendary QB wrote it for ‘Time magazine’, which honored Mahomes with a place in the 100 most influential people in the world for the year 2023.



And he wants young players to emulate the Chiefs QB in one aspect. “Patrick is setting new bars. All these young players around the country are trying to imitate his sidearm throws and incredible plays.”



Peyton Manning Sends Emotional Message for Patrick Mahomes



“But I hope they know he’s also an incredibly hard worker. He appreciates the cerebral part of the game. And he understands his platform, as the MVP quarterback of the Super Bowl–winning team,” Manning wrote in the Time magazine note. He also praised the down-to-earth nature of the Super Bowl MVP and narrated a story from years ago.

Manning recalled that Mahomes once served as a counselor at the Manning passing academy. And he was great with small kids, indicating a lot about his character. It is safe to say that Manning is totally impressed with the Chiefs QB.

Will Mahomes surpass Manning?

If one takes a look at the titles that Peyton Manning and Patrick Mahomes have won in their careers, the Chiefs QB is already shoulder-to-shoulder with the legend, with two Super Bowl rings.

In fact, Mahomes has two Super Bowl MVP awards to Manning’s one. And the reigning champion has played for just six seasons in the NFL, with five as a starter.

Peyton Manning Sends Emotional Message for Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes has a long career ahead of him. He won’t stop at just two rings. The QB will surely surpass Manning in every way possible. The Chiefs are already a dynasty in the making and are expected to dominate the league for years to come. That is if Mahomes doesn’t get a new nemesis like Manning had Tom Brady in his time.

The Chiefs have reached the AFC championship game in every season since Mahomes became a starter for the franchise. They have won three out of those five games. The list goes on and on. Safe to say, Manning has placed the bet on the right person here.