Patrick Mahomes Talks About His Beautiful Wife And His Little Daughter

Whitehouse native Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews shared a family photo featuring their 4-month-old daughter. On Friday, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and his fiancée both shared on Instagram family photos, showing the first public photos of Sterling Skye Mahomes’ face.



Patrick Mahomes captioned his post “Hello, World,” while Matthews wrote, “Hi, my name is Sterling.” In March, Matthews shared posted on Instagram a photo of Patrick Mahomes holding their young daughter. The caption stated, “Ster is 1 month.” Sterling was born on Feb. 20 weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces.





“I’ll definitely do whatever I can as a dad, and as a girl dad,” the NFL player — who partnered with Head & Shoulders for their new #NeverNotWorking campaign, tells PEOPLE Patrick Mahomes is loving life as a girl dad! While speaking with PEOPLE about his partnership with Head & Shoulders for their new #NeverNotWorking campaign, the 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback chatted about his daughter, Sterling Skye,



whom he and fiancée Brittany Matthews welcomed earlier this year. Asked if he will learn how to do baby Sterling’s hair when she is older, Mahomes tells PEOPLE exclusively, “I will try my best.” “I’ve tried to work with Brittany’s hair before and I’m not the best at it,” he adds. “But I’ll definitely do whatever I can as a dad — and as a girl dad —

to learn how to do at least a couple things so if I’m ever put in a position where I’m the one taking care of her hair, I know a couple of tricks