Nicole Scherzinger: I still love ex Lewis Hamilton ‘very much’ despite our split

Nicole Scherzinger has been shedding a lot of tears lately, but relationship woes aren’t to blame. Scherzinger, who dated Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton for four years before the couple called it quits in October, still loves her ex “very much,” she told LOOK magazine. “I still think Lewis is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s perfect-looking,” the singer, 33, said.





“But I don’t base any relationship on looks, it comes from the heart and soul first. “If you really love someone, you fall in love with their looks.” Asked whether the two are getting back together, she replied: “Everything is very recent, so it’s a sensitive subject for me, but we are good friends and obviously we love one another very much.”





The pair originally broke up after their respective careers pushed them into a long-distance relationship. “They both tried to make it work, but their careers kept them apart,” a source close to the couple told People in October. “So for now it’s over. They think this is what’s best. They’re definitely going to stay friends.”

Scherzinger is usually based in Los Angeles, while Hamilton travels the world based on his race schedules. Meanwhile, Hamilton, 26, is also reportedly still smitten by his sultry ex. According to the Daily Mail, the racer and the “X Factor” judge have been going on dates and taking their relationship one step at a time. “It’s very early days and we still have very strong feelings for one another,” he said. “I still love her very much.

“So, who knows? Maybe we will be together in the future.”


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