“My goal is to become world champion”: Russell Makes a Huge Claim About Hamilton F1 Challenge

George Russell will race for Mercedes in the 2022 season. He was heavily linked with the team throughout the season and they have confirmed it since then. He will partner Lewis Hamilton from the next season. Russell is one of the best drivers on the grid despite him not having the best car. He has emphasized that he gives 120 percent every time he goes on the track and does the job as best as he can.





As reported by bild.de, the Williams driver is very much looking forward to racing with the world champions. He has mentioned that it would be the biggest challenge in his career so far to go against Lewis.



“I still have that attitude. Signing the Mercedes contract was one of the greatest moments in my life. But it is only one step. The really hard work is yet to come. To drive for a team like Mercedes and alongside Lewis Hamilton – if I thought it was easy, I would be foolish.



I’m happy, but I also know that things are only really getting started now. It’s going to be the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced. “ said Russell.



In 2022 he will drive alongside a seven-time – up to then perhaps eight-time – world champion and will be seated in one of the most powerful Formula 1 cars. Wherever he always wanted to go. He will pass on 120 percent – and that will be necessary in order to be able to keep up at the top. said Russell on going head-to-head with Hamilton.

Russell will look to get his first win with the German team next season. But he stated that his ultimate aim in Formula One is to become a world champion in the future. “I know what it took to get here. Getting into Formula 1 is not the end. My goal is to become world champion.” concluded the Williams driver.

Russell has already driven for Mercedes once before in F1. He deputized for Hamilton at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix when the 7-time world champion contracted Covid-19.

Can Russell challenge Lewis in 2022?


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