Mike Florio floats wild 49ers-Rams QB prediction

Mike Florio floats wild 49ers-Rams QB prediction

Fair or not, veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins has his fair share of detractors regarding his market value. However, the four-time Pro Bowler continues to draw interest.



He could be a coveted free agent prize again next offseason for both the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams. At least that’s what renown sportswriter Mike Florio is predicting if doesn’t get a new deal.



Mike Florio floats wild 49ers-Rams QB prediction



“I think you’re going to see—unless the Vikings re-sign him by then, and they can’t use the franchise tag on him, the way his contract is structured—you’re going to see a potential tug of war between Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay for Kirk Cousins next March,” Florio told The Rich Eisen Show on Friday. “Mark that down.”

An available Kirk Cousins might be too tempting and familiar for Mike Shanahan coaching tree descendants Kyle Shanahan and Sean McVay to resist.



They were both assistants on what is now the Washington Commanders when the 34-year-old QB got his start in the NFL.



Mike Florio floats wild 49ers-Rams QB prediction



Their respective relationships with Cousins as well their potential needs for a steady and healthy signal-caller could result in an unexpected reunion. Both franchises are facing different quarterback concerns, but ones that could be equally debilitating.

The 49ers will probably give the starting reins back to Brock Purdy if he can return from his UCL tear and play effective football.

His health status, though, greatly puts into question his future with the team. And Trey lance comes with his own injury risks. That leaves Sam Darnold in the fold.

Mike Florio floats wild 49ers-Rams QB prediction

For the Rams, it is not a matter of if, but when they will need to find a new replacement for Matthew Stafford. The Super Bowl champion’s days could be numbered even if he holds up for the entire season. Cousins has never started less than 15 games since being named a regular starter.

He also just threw over 4,500 yards with Minnesota, while enjoying a 13-4 record. Florio has given fans an intriguing scenario to ponder. Rest assured, though, Shanahan and McVay are already considering every available scenario just in case they need to quickly change course.


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