Michelle Wie West Reveals the Story Behind Taylor Swift’s Diamond Friendship Bracelet

Michelle Wie West Reveals the Story Behind Taylor Swift's Diamond Friendship Bracelet

The retired pro golfer stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on May 13 and divulged the story behind how her diamond friendship bracelet made its way onto Taylor Swift’s wrist in January.


“All thanks to Travis Kelce,” Wie West told host Jimmy Fallon of how the moment came to be. “He’s the best.” Wie West told Fallon that she originally met Travis Kelce, 34, through Justin Timberlake’s 8AM Golf Invitational. When the opportunity presented itself to get one of her custom bracelets — which she crafted in collaboration with Wove — to Swift, she took it.

“It’s like a really upscale friendship bracelet, really inspired by Taylor. It has diamonds, it has, like, the beads, you can personalize however you want,” she said of her bracelet collection. “So I messaged him and I was like, ‘Hey, you know, we made a bracelet inspired by Taylor, like, we would love to just give her one, I don’t care … what she does with it … I just want it to be given to her.”

Wie West, 34, said the moment she saw Swift wearing the bracelet on TV as “the craziest thing.” Of course, she had to explain the “TNT” on the bracelet to Fallon, who assumed it meant dynamite.


“Maybe Travis and Taylor?” she asked, shrugging.

Michelle Wie West Reveals the Story Behind Taylor Swift's Diamond Friendship Bracelet

Swift, 34, donned the “TNT” bracelet at the AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens in January. Though Wie West’s ultimate objective was to send the bracelet to Swift, she also created a companion bracelet for Kelce, which Wove posted on Instagram.


Simone Kendle, CEO of Wove Made Inc., previously told PEOPLE that the bracelets were a real collaboration between Wie West, Kelce, and the entire firm. “We were all hands on deck,” Kendle explained.


“There was some serious Taylor fever going on at the time with her Eras Tour and Michelle was inspired by the friendship bracelets that were being exchanged at her concerts,” Kendle says of the initial set. “She knew she wanted to do an elevated take on the beaded bracelets we saw people wearing at her concerts.”