Michael Jordan’s 5 Word Message to Dennis Rodman That Will Leave Bulls Fans in Tears

Michael Jordan won two three-peats with Chicago Bulls. While he is credited for the championships Bulls won during the 90s, players such as Dennis Rodman played an important role as well. However, Jordan has always acknowledged Rodman’s efforts in helping him win his second three-peat. Jordan recently met Rodman at the NBA 75 ceremony and asked him to meet more often.



NBA is celebrating its 75th anniversary this season and selected the 75 greatest players in the league’s history. Both Jordan and Rodman made it to the top 75 list. The two were part of the 75-anniversary ceremony in Cleveland on Sunday. Michael Jordan made the headlines once again as he was spotted hugging several current and former stars. However, the most special meeting was between him and Rodman. While hugging,





‘His Airness’ asked Rodman to hang out with him more often. Both Rodman and Jordan reunited during the half-time break of the All-Star game on Sunday. The former Bulls teammates appeared to be having a good time during the ceremony in Cleveland. “What up, boy?… Man, I can’t complain. When you gonna come and hang out with me? Come on, man, come hang out with me,” said Jordan.



“You know I miss ya,” Jordan told Rodman. Jordan showed for the 75th-anniversary ceremony a little later than others because of his commitments to Daytona 500. However, he appeared to reach just in time for his name to be announced at the ceremony in Cleveland. The crowd in Cleveland, for whose NBA team King James once played, was ecstatic to see him.



Jordan and Rodman had a great relationship on the court for the Bulls. However, they weren’t the best of friends off the court. The two played together for three years and won three championships together. It was a heart-melting moment for everyone, especially Bulls fans as Jordan hugged the 60-year-old and invited him to hang out.