Lewis Hamilton’s Reply to Claims of 2022 fears by Schumacher, Revealed

As Valtteri Bottas departs Mercedes to make for George Russell for next year, many think Lewis Hamilton will be worried about his dominance in the sport coming to an end. However, the Knight would oppose those ideas, but instead feels the racing will be more intense, and the 23-year-old will learn something from him.





It is no secret that Russell is a phenomenal talent on the F1 grid. Hence, many wonder if he could be a threat to the seven-time world champion next year. But instead of being scared, Hamilton is excited for the young Brit to join Mercedes.



The Williams driver is an exciting prospect and is considered to be the star of the future. Now, having put pen to paper with the Silver Arrows, the F1 community is concerned about his partnership with Lewis. However, that is not the case, as the number 44 driver is delighted to work alongside his fellow countryman.





Speaking to Sky Sports Italia, Hamilton said, “Honestly, I’m not scared of that. Looking ahead to next year, the performance of the cars is likely to be closer together. The races will be more intense, so driving skills can carry a lot of weight. And that’s why I want to stay in F1, because it will really be an opportunity to show my skills.

Explaining how he has the knowledge and experience the team needs to progress, he said, “I hope to be important in this regard and to be part of the growth of Russell, who will be next to me.”

“He is already very fast but he will surely learn from me because I have been in F1 for longer. And I too can learn from him. I have no qualms about learning from someone younger,“ he explained.