Lewis Hamilton’s Brother ‘Nicolas Hamilton’ shares his thoughts on the title decider- Check out his thoughts on the final result..

After a season filled with emotion and anticipation, the grand finale of the Anu Dhabi GP was one of mixed emotions. While Verstappen dethroned Mercedes, was it the cleanest way the championship could’ve been decided? Maybe not. Decisions made in the dying moments of the race robbed Lewis Hamilton of the glorious eighth. Although tilting towards disappointment, Hamilton’s brother shares his thoughts on the title decider.



Nicolas Hamilton took to Instagram to hail his brother as “the true champion.” The driver’s brother articulated his thoughts on the final result. “The FIA broke their own rules, which is a disgrace to our whole sport. Nevertheless, regardless of being mistreated today, the Hamilton’s were humble in defeat.”





Proud of his family for their sporting reaction, Nicolas put the spotlight on his brother and father. “My father, the guy who raised us, congratulating Max & his father Jos. People can say what they like, but my father’s gesture proves all of the doubters & haters wrong & shows who we are as ‘The Hamilton’s.”



Although congratulating Max Verstappen for his victory, Hamilton concluded with a strong statement; “we all know that he was let down by the sport that he has given so much to.”