Lewis Hamilton receives Mercedes team-mate offer from ‘most-hyped’ future female F1 driver

Lewis Hamilton has received a future Mercedes proposition as hugely exciting female F1 prospect, Jamie Chadwick, claims that she would love the seven-time world champion as her team-mate. Chadwick has won both of the women-only W Series championships since its inception two years ago.



The 23-year-old has been described as ‘the most hyped’ female F1 driver in decades. Indeed, F1 has seen no female participants since Lella Lombardi in 1976, but since being snapped up as a Williams development driver in 2020, Chadwick has been given real hope of getting to the big time.





With prospects of reaching the pinnacle becoming more and more realistic, it is perhaps unsurprising that Hamilton is tipped as her preferred team-mate.



Partnering up with the Mercedes man is an honour only granted to a chosen few, and Williams youngster George Russell is set to tread that path at the end of this season. With age on her side though, albeit not necessarily on Hamilton’s, Chadwick has not shied away from picking favourites with one eye on the future.

“I wouldn’t say I’d beat him, but I’d love to go up against Lewis [Hamilton],” she told Insider. “He’s incredible and I think what he’s achieved in the sport is amazing. “In my opinion, he’s the greatest of all time so to have that as a team-mate would be pretty special.”