Lewis Hamilton Personal Trainer & Performance Coach: Who is the Woman Behind Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Success?

Lewis Hamilton has been dominating the F1 circuits for the last 6 years and in order to keep him at the top, a huge team is required to maintain the dominance on the track.



Similarly, in Hamilton’s career, his personal trainer Angela Cullen plays a crucial role. Since 2015, she has worked for Hintsa Performance, a group of medical experts set up by Finland’s Dr Aki Hintsa, a key mentor for Hamilton during his early years at McLaren.



In 2016, she joined Hamilton’s contingent after Hinsta died from heart-attack and since then have been instrumental in his career, as he went onto win another championship.

Pete Mcknight, Hinsta’s director of coaching and sports science tried to explain it to MSN, as he was the colleague of Cullen Cullen’s at the English Institute of Sport,



where she helped Britain’s 100 and 200 metres sprinters maximise their speed, explosiveness, mobility and control. “At the time, Angela was mainly working with corporate clients, but when the opportunity to work with Lewis came up we thought, ‘Why not give this a go?’” McKnight says.

“It has worked out perfectly. People don’t always ‘get’ the performance environment, but she does. She understands that it’s performance first.



It’s her level of experience, too – she has worked with top-level British track runners, and she just knows how to put the athlete first.

“Sometimes you get physios who are more interested in the therapy than they are in the athlete. Angela is a good physio and she understands her trade very well, but she puts Lewis first.



“There’s also just something quirky about it: a woman in her mid-forties, with a family at home, two young kids, and then there’s this mid-thirties racing driver.

It might seem a really weird match, but it just works. ”Cullen is majorly responsible for forming and implementing Hamilton’s daily routine. Apart from that, she is responsible for taking Hamilton to the paddock to personal accommodation on time and vice versa.

Also, she is responsible for Hamilton’s personal logistics. Moreover, Hinsta’s 46-year-old CEO Luke Bennett explained: “Our coaches make sure the appropriate meals are served at the appropriate time,

keep the drivers hydrated, get them to bed at the appropriate time – all these little things that add up to a championship performance. They even operate special routines to combat jetlag.”

All final, Cullen has huge baggage of responsibilities and plays a crucial life in Hamilton’s career, probably that’s why the British champion values her more than everyone.