Lewis Hamilton Opens up on Struggle With Dyslexia

The world is starting to recognize Lewis Hamilton as one of the greatest of all times after years of denial, and he certainly is. The 7-time world champion has accomplished numerous records in the sport, pushing his glory to impeccable heights. However, it certainly hasn’t been an easy path for Hamilton into reaching this stage. Of course, there are hatred, abuses, and financial crunch he and his family had to go through and also his struggles with dyslexia.





The truth is, Hamilton ‘was’ dyslexic. The Briton was struggling with dyslexia without his or his family’s knowledge. However, it was at the age of 17 that Hamilton realized he was grappling with this disorder. But, before going deep into this, here’s an outline of this disorder.



Dyslexia, a learning disorder, that usually hooks onto children and meddles with their brains while reading. It is reckoned to be purely neurological, although there are hardly studies to prove this.



Many dyslexic people have often revealed that the letters out of words move around, making it harder to put them together and read them. Sometimes, the words tend to blur, and again making it harder to read.



In 2020, Hamilton revealed encountering this disorder during a meet with school children. “I had a difficult time at school. It wasn’t the easiest. My dad really drilled into me that ‘never giving up’ kind of mentality,” he said according to The Sun.

“I still have failures today and you’re constantly going to be learning so don’t be phased by that. It’s a part of the necessary journey to success. I just encourage you guys just to never give up, I didn’t realise that I was dyslexic until I was 17 and I just struggled so much. I was always playing catch up. Education was the most important always,” he concluded.

Overall, that doesn’t seem to have obstructed Hamilton from pursuing his much-yearned goal. The Briton is still pushing his career into an entirely new level of achievements.