Lewis Hamilton Decodes the Real Reason Behind Max Verstappen’s ‘Brake-Test’ in Saudi Arabia

Where do we even start? Just too many incidents involving Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen over the span of 50 laps around Jeddah Corniche. Interestingly, out of the handful of moments, only one moment led to a penalty; Verstappen’s desperate defending against Hamilton on lap 38.



Let us offer you a bit of an insight into what really happened. Hamilton was then behind Verstappen but found himself within the DRS range and blitzed past the Dutchman way before the first corner. But, as we’ve seen in the past, Verstappen doesn’t give up that easily.





And moreover, his championship hopes were at stake. Hence, Verstappen invested all of his efforts into this duel and lunged onto the inside of Hamilton heading into turn 1. However, he just couldn’t bring his car under control on time and ended up running wide off the track, consequently forcing Hamilton to take evasive action as well.



Almost a repeat of the Brazilian GP. What followed was Hamilton’s fuming radio message to his team. “This guy is fu*king crazy,” Hamilton yelled.

Lewis Hamilton annoyed with Verstappen
The Briton, for the first time this season, looked disgruntled with Verstappen’s actions throughout the race at Jeddah. During the post-race interview, Hamilton was asked whether Verstappen overdid it with the turn 1 squabble on lap 38.

Hamilton laughingly replied, “When doesn’t he?!”
Dutch TV asked Lewis about his “crazy” message and if Max overdid it.
Laughs: “When doesn’t he?!”#F1 #SaudiArabianGP
— Chris Medland (@ChrisMedlandF1) December 5, 2021

I’m not stupid: Hamilton
Moments later, the ‘brake testing’ incident occurred. Of course, Verstappen had received an order from Red Bull to let past Hamilton. But, rather than lifting off, the Dutchman slammed hard onto the brakes at one point which led to Hamilton crashing into the back of the Red Bull.

“I have not understood why he pressed the brakes hard, I hit him from behind and he continued forward, they told me that he had to let me pass but it was not easy. Max was trying to let me pass before the DRS zone and then use the DRS, but I’m not stupid,” the Briton said according to Soy Motor.

Overall, this incident is still under investigation with both the drivers being summoned after the podium ceremony. Hence, is Verstappen heading towards a possible grid penalty at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix? Or will the stewards let both the drivers off with a stern warning?