Lewis Hamilton Coco: What kill F1 driver’s 6 year old dog?

Lewis Hamilton appeared to grieve for his 6-year-old dog, who reportedly died due to heart attack on Friday. The British racer shared an emotional message for her. Hamilton, 35, wrote: ‘Last night at around 9pm, my beautiful little girl Coco died at home with the family by her side. Her little heart gave in, we think it was a heart attack. I tried to revive her but it was no use.’



‘She’d had the best day, happier than I’d seen her in a long time. ‘She was such a special dog, born with so many problems and I feel so lucky to have adopted her. ‘Her breeder said she was going to have to put her down as she wouldn’t be able to afford all the things she would need to survive, she went through a lot to become the bouncy, lazy loving dog she was.’




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Hamilton further emphasised that Coco’s last day was special, ‘On her last day, we shared a special moment playing together which I will never forget. I will miss her snoring and how happy she was always to see me. ‘She was only 6, healthy and happy. ‘Naturally, my heart is broken but I hope she’s in a better place with my Aunty Diane. Wanted to share with you and thank those of you who loved and cared for her.’



Hamilton shared a series of pictures of Coco with the post. Apart from Coco, he adopted Roscoe in 2013, shortly before bringing in Coco, and had a separate Instagram account for them. Friends and fans sent the star their condolences, with Tom Brady leaving a series of heart and prayer emoticons and writing: ‘RIP.’ Lindsey Vonn wrote: ‘I’m so sorry’.