LeBron James Reveals When Son Bronny Will Be in the NBA

One of the most talked about father-son duos in the NBA world right now, is that of LeBron James and son Bronny. While the former is a legend of the game, the latter is quickly following in his father’s footsteps. Yet, there remains a dream in the eyes of LeBron, as well as many fans, for the pair to team up. Can it happen any time soon?



At the age of 17, Bronny James is a massive name in high school basketball. Playing for Sierra Canyon School, the youngster has been a prodigious talent for months now. Making the headlines for his neat dribbling and poster dunks, there has been no shortage of comparison with his father. And while the ‘King’ has reportedly expressed a keen desire to partner with his young kid, he may have to wait a bit longer.





Since he is still a high school student, the current NBA protocol would require Bronny to wait until 2024, before signing up for America’s top flight. This is because of the graduation requirements, as well as NBA’s one and done policy. By then, 18-time All-Star James will be around 39-40 years old, making it a challenging task. With his contract at LA running out in over a year, it will be interesting to see where the duo land up, if they ever do.



Bronny and LeBron James’ basketball careers
While LeBron has historically excelled as a forward, Bronny is making in-roads as a guard. He is one of Sierra Canyon’s most trusted players, averaging a shade under 10 points. Clearly, his father is proud of him, and recognizes his skill. So much so that, he even said, “I want to be on court with him,” at one point of time.



Meanwhile, not much needs to be said about the senior James. His 4 titles, 18 All-Star appearances, thousands of points and millions of fans speak for themselves. One of the greatest in terms of physicality and mental masterminds, he has revolutionized the game of basketball. Only a dream partnership with James Jr. remains to be checked off his to-do list.

Imagine the buzz that will go around if LeBron and Bronny were to play for the same franchise. Irrespective of how things unfold, it will be a treat to the eyes, and the perfect send off for one of the sport’s elite athletes!


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