Kobe Bryant’s Wife ‘Vanessa Bryant’ Accused Of Lying During Kobe Speech; Was She Shading His Parents??

There’s drama bubbling up in the world of Kobe’s widow Vanessa Bryant, MTO News has learned. On Saturday, Vanessa gave a touching speech as Kobe was inaugurated into the basketball Hall Of Fame. During the speech, Vanessa told fans that she invited her mother-in-law and father-in-law to the event and that Kobe Bryant wanted her there. And she thanked them for bringing Kobe into the world.



At the time, Vanessa seemed like she was being very gracious with Kobe’s parents – with whom she’s had a very strained relationship over the years. Most people listening to Vanessa;s speech believed that Kobe’s parents were at the event. But now a Bryant family friend is calling “cap” on some of Vanessa’s statements. And she’s suggesting that Vanessa’s comments may have actually been SHADE towards her in laws.





MTO News learned that Anansa Sims, NBA star Matt Barnes babys mother and friend of Kobe’s parents, is speaking out against Vanessa. She made some explosive claims about Vanessa – and her relationship with Kobe’s parents. First off, Anansa claims that Vanessa never invited Kobe’s parents to the Hall Of Fame induction. Annnsa says that Kobe’s parents were “informed by a 3rd party” about the Hall of Fame induction.



They were offered to “purchase” tickets to the event, and then pay for their own air fare and accommodations. Vanessa – who is worth nearly a billion dollars – did not offer to pay for the event for them, according to Anansa. She also claimed that the grandparents didn’t think Vanessa wanted them at the event – given her past behavior – so they chose to stay home.

Anansa refers to Kobe’s parents as “private, loving and peaceful people.” Also – she suggested that Kobe’s parents are being blocked from seeing their grandchildren (Kobe’s daughters).So far Vanessa hasn’t responded to these allegations. This is really messy . . .


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